Happiness Happens Month


I am taking part all month long in Happiness Happens Month….. watch for daily photos and possibly videos here!

One thought on “Happiness Happens Month

  1. Mercy, you have made a real impact on me. I envy the one in your presence. Do they truly understand that you are a hero’s hero? That’s how I see you. You are greater than any woman I ever seen or have known. You are a rare breed, you would simply sacrifice for a smile. I feel like I know you, Like you’re a part of me. Yes that sounds creepy, apologies. You seem to be the strength that that gives and builds, the strength the defeats destruction. I applaud your efforts in life. If only you had been there, you woulf have been the strength for our Christ. I completely believe that. You have shown the greatest love, where one lays her life down for a friend, that’s the greatest love. It’s what legends are made of. In short, Mercy, You are a legendary hero in my eyes. I’m new to this and may stumble, please be patient with me. I would rather remain the unknown for now. But I will be a fan, a new one right now, and look forward to the readings you post on your growth in a new life. I have just signed up to wordpress and see that you’ve resided here for over a year, but I don’t see anything after new year. I hope to hear new stories soon. It is a gift you give to the people and we really appreciate the inspiration in strength you give every single one of us. Get well if you are sick, slow down if you are busy, please share with us.

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