Morning Thoughts

I cannot tell you how often I hear. “Oh you are a writer? That is awesome, but I don’t really read.”

In today’s day and age everything is about technology.  Why waste time on reading a book that might take an entire day or a maybe a week to read when you can just watch a movie, a television show or something else.

I will be honest with you. I was never a reader myself. I was quite lazy. I’ve always enjoyed writing and creating or giving birth to lives through my work more than taking the time to read.

I was an adult and a parent when I discovered why reading is so important. It teaches individuals empathy. That is something that I see as truly lacking in today’s society.  People are not willing to see life through someone else’s eyes. Whether it is kneeling for the national anthem, pipelines being forced through people’s homelands, racist mascots,  sexual abuse aftermath, homelessness, the list goes on and on in the headlines today and so many people are just not willing to listen or attempt to see life through another’s eyes or view point. It is their way or the highway, because why would their views be wrong?

When you read a novel, it takes you to another place or dimension. It forces you to live another life, to see through another’s eyes. It teaches you to be empathetic of another’s struggles, it teaches you to learn compassion for those struggles.

Empathy and compassion are two things that are lacking in today’s society.

Pick up a book and read it this holiday season, see where it takes you, perhaps you will grow from the experience.

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.


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