I apparently have strong feelings for…

18838848_1578634052159923_3730283765274792292_nMy new book Xavier Bearheart will go into pre-sale very soon. I have been stressing over the fact that I didn’t believe it was ready. The finished product should have been on my editors desk two months ago.  I have sent her chapters, but told her I wasn’t ready to release it yet insistent that something was missing, but what?

She loved the chapters she read. She was excited! “Just send me the book! It’s fantastic, everything you write is fantastic!” Well trust me when I say, she is NOT one of those bobble headed people that tell you only what you want to hear and play the part of a yes man. I wanted to believe her, but I knew in my gut, the book was not ready.

Could characters be 1 dimensional?

Any plot holes?

Questions would keep racing through my head and I kept rewriting scenes within the novel.

“Just let it go! Click send” Friends have told me.

20934201_1669539929736001_6493016608118025218_oWell this morning I figured out what was missing and why I couldn’t send the book. You see, I had this epiphany, while lying in bed half awake this morning.  I immediately grabbed my cell phone and sent a text to my editor, completely forgetting she is on the other coast! (Ooops sorry Jan) I was so excited I told her I figured it out! I knew what was missing! It was BACON!

I was just lazily laying in bed this morning, when the smell of bacon overpowered my room. It was obviously my neighbors breakfast cooking but I laid there having a fat girl moment thinking “mmmm bacon” and it hit me!


BACON….. BACON…… BACON!!! That was it! That was what had been missing.


When my first novel came out, one of the main characters LOVED BACON. It was part of who she was. When my second book, a short story, (Shadows in the Storm) was to be released there was a flirtatious scene between the two main characters and a slice of bacon.

The publishing house made a statement about how some individuals find bacon or pork and beef offensive. They encouraged all of their writers to be conscientious of all audiences.

I almost gave in and removed the sexual tension / bacon scene from the story. It was then that I realized I compromise everything, always… for others feelings, even if it compromises my well being, my feelings or even my art. Stupid I know, but it was truly a growing moment in my life.

If I took the bacon out, would it hurt the story? No….

If I took the bacon out would it hurt me? No….

What would happen if I left the bacon in?

I would be standing my ground and not allowing another person to dictate to me what I can or cannot say, can or cannot do. I would be true to who I was and I love BACON.

SO I decided the bacon stays.

I know this sounds petty but….

If I compromise on bacon, in the future I may be told vegans and vegetarians don’t like meat and you need to consider all of your audience members. What would follow next not everyone approves of interracial couples? Native Americans cannot be heroes (I actually had a critic once tell me that)

But you get the idea….

It was on that day that I decided right then and there BACON would be in every single book I write.

What was missing from Xavier Bearheart?


As soon as I write a good bacon worthy scene I will call the book done 🙂

opt 3It is crazy to think the book is set to be released and I have not even hit send yet. Xavier Bearheart will be released in 13 countries the US, Mexico, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Spain, India and the United Kingdom.

It is my hope that this book does well enough that I can do a series of books based on each of the principal characters.

Stay tuned! 🙂 My 6th novel will be out soon and I promise it will NOT disappoint. It is about a team of 5 mercenaries under the direction of an angry retired General leading the resistance movement against a corrupt, selfish, and greedy President who willingly sheds blood of his own citizens to pad his pockets before he leaves office.

As always be good to each other!


Angry and Loud


I know it has been a long time since I have posted a blog, but I am very angry tonight, and I need to get this out of my system.

The last few days have been horrific here in the US. Like many people worldwide, I have expressed my personal views. I WILL NOT APPOLOGIZE for how I feel or what I believe.

I will give you fair warning that when I am upset I do drop the F bomb frequently. No it is not lady like. No, it is not professional, but it is who I fucking am. If that offends you, or you are aware that my outspokenness or views already fucking offend you. Don’t fucking read this.

Tonight, I was unfriended by a man on Facebook. He sent me a message which stated. That he was unfriending me because “As a celebrity (which I am not) I have no right to express my unamerican views. He went on to tell me that I had no right to speak out on Charlottesville, mascots, domestic violence, or rape. He said that I needed to JUST SHUT UP. Then the fucking genius went on to tell me that the protestors in Charlottesville were exercising their right to Freedom of Speech.


Their right to Freedom of Speech…..

THEIR rights

What about my rights? As a citizen of the United States? As a woman? As a human being?

Why do these protestors have rights, and I must shut up?

It is a shame that he was too much of a coward to debate me one on one, because I would have fucking annihilated him.

It is amazing how many people scream freedom of speech…. Until the speech that is being exercised freely does not align with their core belief system….

Suddenly it is “Unamerican” “Unpatriotic” …….

Fuck him and fuck anyone that dares to tell me to shut up.

It only makes me louder and I WILL NOT BE SILENCED