Goodbye 2015

Perfect365(29)I took a minute today to look back at 2015. I have come along way. Those of you who have been reading my blogs over the years have seen me grow first hand. Last year at this time I was weak, in body, mind, and spirit. PTSD controlled me. I was in fear of everything. I apologized for everything, even things out of my control.

This past year I have learned to make myself a priority. I have learned to not depend on others. I have learned to trust myself, believe in myself, and to do for myself. I cannot expect me to ever be a priority in someones life if I am not a priority in my own.

I released a few more novels in 2015, I did some commercials, was heard on some big radio stations, I wrote for a very cool fashion magazine, and I worked not one, but 7 different jobs. I was promoted at one of my jobs and a second promotion into management there is just within reach. I focused on my independence, my freedom, my ability to take control of things I have not been allowed to have control over in decades… things like my finances and my health top that list.

My health… My a1c has hoovered right at 6.0 for a year now, 1 1/2 years ago it was 12.6 I believe. I could have died. My numbers now mean I no longer need insulin. I will always be a diabetic, but I have it under control.

It almost feels like my life its self is under control. I know it is not perfect, and I have many goals still to achieve, but I am getting there, and I am very proud of the steps I have taken to do so.

Being alone does not scare me anymore. Being alone is kind of nice, because the person I am alone with (me) truly loves me. I have never said that before; I have never felt that before.

I won’t compromise anymore. I won’t settle. I finally know my worth. I finally know my value.

2015 has been very good to me, and I have been blessed beyond words.  I can hardly wait to see what is in store for 2016 and how I will personally evolve and grow.

I wish you all the happiest of New Years!










Huh? What is that title? Well in all honesty I took a word and just wrote it backwards. The word has been all over the news lately, terrorism. I had this idea, it may seem silly or small, and it is, well…. it is if only one person participates; however, imagine the impact if 10, 100, or 1000 people participate? Let me explain….

The definition of terrorism includes: “violent acts or acts dangerous to human life.” Let’s reverse that to the new word: “Msirorret” and reverse the definition to “Compassionate acts or acts promoting the health, safety and well being of human life.” I thought that this was an original idea, but when I entered the word into google I found out there was a t-shirt made in 2010 with the word on it, so this concept has been around.

I propose that we try to use this word and spread love and compassion to all we meet. This should be a daily event, but let’s focus on the next 12 days.  I challenge you to do something kind and unexpected for someone you don’t know, a random act of msirorret. Perhaps buy an extra pair of gloves and give them to a homeless person you see, maybe buy a cup of coffee for someone you have never met, give your umbrella to a person caught in the rain, pick a beautiful flower and hand it to an elderly woman walking alone, help someone struggling to load their groceries in their car, speak up when you see someone being bullied or treated inappropriately, work on providing clean water for a community or family who does not have it, buy a bag of groceries and leave it on a door step for someone you know needs it, the possibilities are endless.

Terrorism creates fear: msirorret creates happiness and love while promoting the health, safety and well being for another human being.

Lets spread that like fire and start a new holiday tradition every year from 12/11 – 12/23.

Please share this blog and help change the world with one small act a day.