To live

se2It is so easy to slip into that place of hopelessness and despair.  For me a trigger can do it. Something as simple as a smell, a phrase, a photo… can send me down a path of bleakness.

I’ve tried to kill myself in the past. I’ve felt alone, sad, scared, unloved and empty. These feelings are part of being human, and while the trauma I have endured in my life may or may not justify these emotions, they are real emotions, ones that many of us have felt.

Are my feelings wrong? No.

Can they just be turned off? No

Should I just get over it and move on? No, not if I am not ready.

The one thing we have to remember is that each and every one of us serves a purpose in this world. We need to learn to love and respect each other, embrace our differences, and lift one another up. s19

We need to learn to love and respect ourselves.

I have a role to play in this world, and you have a role to play.

We exist for a reason, even if we don’t know what those reasons are. We are here to serve a purpose.

It is time to stop doubting, fearing, and questioning. It is time to believe in yourself and to live… to really live.

What will you do today to live completely without question, without fear, without doubt?

I challenge you to live today. 

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