I Believe!


Oh wow! So life happened and I have been swamped!!!!!!! I have a whole lot of happy to get caught up on! I am looking forward to doing it very soon!

My second full length novel came out, Deception! It is a sequel to Silence. I have a short story out there as well, and I have another novel started. 🙂 WHAT?!?! Yes, I have been busy.

1book You can purchase it here

book2 You can purchase it here

book3 It is available on Kindle here You can also purchase it at Barnes and Nobel in paperback, and Amazon says that they will have it soon in paperback.

I am really excited about a lot of things happening in my life and in my career. For the first time in a very long time, I feel empowered, and optimistic. I feel like I have a reason to live and that there is a future out there for me. I believe!

I believe! Wow what powerful words! I believe!

I believe I am successful.
I believe I am talented.
I believe I have a future.
I believe in my dreams.
I believe I can change the world.
I believe I will change the world.
I believe!

What do you believe? Respond here and tell me!!

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Happiness Challenge Day 3

I woke up rolled over and grabbed my cell phone…. Doesn’t everyone do that? Today is send a text to a BFF.. so I thought hmmm which BFF would not slice me for sending a text on a Sunday morning this early! Text sent and here is my picture… remember I am embracing my curves and my flaws…don’t pick on me 😉 No make up, bed head, bra and teddy showing….. Yup I’m a redneck train wreck…. hmm I kind of like that nickname WTH is wrong with me?